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Social Media and Campaigns - Welcome to eConomy Mail

Outsource your Social Media to us so you can get back to running your business.

Email Marketing is a hugely powerful tool. And when you combine it with Social Campaigns, it works even better.

  • Social Campaigns Grows your contact list so you can reach more people via email
  • Email Marketing drives your customers to your Facebook Page, where they become fans.
  • By connecting with people through their email in-boxes and social networks, you'll be able to keep your business top of mind - and ultimately, grow your bottom line. 

 Your first campaign is FREE and Social Campaigns are always free up to 100 fans!
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Social Media Campaigns make it easy for you to get more fans for your Facebook page, so you can get more business.  Our tools and coaching help you create a Facebook Landing page and build marketing campaigns that engage not only your existing audience, but new Facebook fans, too.

Want to do this yourself?  Here is help with Quickstarter: 

Any type of organization or business that wants - EASY, MEASURABLE, AFFORDABLE, TARGETED, IMPRESSIVE, IMMEDIATE WAYS TO KEEP IN CONTACT.......for less


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